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E.D.E. VISION is the newsletter of the E.D.E. It is published four times a year.

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E.D.E. Booklet

E.D.E. Booklet 2013.


E.D.E. Congress 2017, Torun


The association consists of full, co-opted and associate members.

Full members

A full member is one who belongs to either an officially legally recognized or non legally recognized national association, that is a union of directors of homes in the care for elder people.

In countries, where there are no national associations of directors working in the care for the elderly people, the Home directors can be co-opted members.

Co-opted members

Co-opted members do not have the right to vote.

Associate members

Associate members can be any person or organisation who is ready to support the purposes of the association.
Associate members do not have right to vote.

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