The E.D.E.'s vocational education and advanced training requirements comprise a series of modules, so that individual units can be completed independently of each other in consideration of the framework curriculum. The E.D.E. assumes that the programmes at the training institutes take into account the framework curriculum set out below. Because of the diverse focuses in the countries of the member associations, which are coordinated on the basis of very different objectives, experience and training guidelines, the E.D.E. reserves the right to assess the curriculum at each training institute applying for accreditation. The E.D.E. believes this is the best way to take the special national conditions into account.

Vocational education for care home directors

This education comprises nine modules with the following topics: structures of elderly care/long term care, business administration and financial management, legal foundations for the management of care homes, quality management in elderly care services, human resources management, personnel management and communication, professional ethics, strategic management and sector-specific topics.

Timeframe for the vocational education for care home directors

At least 800 teaching units (45 minutes), of which the candidate must be present at not less than 600. The remaining 200 teaching units may be completed in other ways (e.g. e-learning, projects and peer-learning).

Framework curriculum: vocational education for care home directors (PDF)

Advanced training in “Business Management”– Management of Social Organizations

Basing themselves on the E.D.E. training for care home directors, some accredited institutes offer advanced training qualifications for different management functions:

  • increased economic and strategic control tasks of care home directors
  • management of several facilities and divisions
  • business management

Period of training: 240 teaching units

Contents of the advanced training in "Business Management" (PDF)

Advanced training in “Network management”

The advanced training “E.D.E. Network management” meets the growing need for networking in the social and health services. The E.D.E. takes the specific requirements of different countries and care services into consideration in accrediting the framework curriculum and corresponding volume of training.
Further information can be obtained from the educational institutions cooperating with the E.D.E.

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