Successful participants of vocational education and advanced training programmes and academic courses accredited by the E.D.E. are entitled to receive an E.D.E. certificate.
The prerequisites for acquiring the E.D.E. certificate are:

  • Completed vocational education as a skilled employee
    • in the health or social field,
    • in a business profession,
    • in the public administration
  • or a vocational education completed in accordance with the legal regulations applicable in the country of the member association
  • or the completion of a subject-specific course of studies at the university level.

Eligible for the E.D.E. certificate are those who:

  • have successfully completed vocational education according to the framework curriculum of the E.D.E. at an institute accredited by the E.D.E., and who have two years of professional experience as care home director or assistant director, or an equivalent management activity,


  • demonstrate proof of appropriate qualifications (module system) according to national requirements in the course of a colloquium (national association) and more than two years of relevant management experience.

Applications for the E.D.E. certificate may be filed through the corresponding educational institute or directly at the E.D.E. office. The application must be accompanied by a degree or a confirmation by the educational institute of a successfully completed vocational education, as well as proof of at least two years of relevant management experience.

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